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ThermiTight is a painless, micro-invasive procedure, which usually takes less than one hour, with little or no down time. A tiny probe is inserted under the skin. Then, radiofrequency energy is applied directly to the target tissues causing immediate shrinkage. Results are immediate and improve over time. See ThermiTight Stimulation.

The down time with ThermiTight™ is a micro-invasive procedure performed using local anesthesia. Patients may experience slight swelling and redness and are usually able to return to normal activity within 24 hours.

ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive skin smoothing, precise and gentle epidermal heating technology. This procedure is performed using a specially designed thermistor regulated hand piece, which is supplied with the ThermiRF™ system. ThermiSmooth delivers precise heating to the skin’s surface. ThermiSmooth treatments are gentle and patients often say it feels like receiving a warm massage.

ThermiVa: Many women following natural childbirth have a deterioration of the appearance in the genital area. Also there is frequently a decrease in sensation with aging and sometimes after child bearing. It is estimated that 50% of women 50 and over have some degree of urinary incontinence and wear a pad to keep from being embarrassed. Some postmenopausal women have decreased glandular function and become so dry that sexual intercourse is painful. ThermiVa addresses all of these problems and has an extremely high rate of success in treating them. This treatment does not require any anesthesia and takes only 30 minutes.

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