Here are some examples of what patients are saying:

Wonderful experience! We spent two hours together going over every detail of the procedure. Dr. Bartlett answered all my questions and went into detail about the procedure. Very honest. I am very happy with the results which were exactly what he said they would be.

March 3, 2017

I had a great experience here and love my results. I would tell everyone to come here. The team was great and answered all of my questions. They are the best team out there. If I ever needed anything else done, I would come back here for sure!

March 3, 2017

I am very impressed with the procedure Dr. Bartlett did recently. I would not have believed the results that were accomplished. My face is dramatically lifted over the mouth and jaws. I am shocked at the improvement.

February 8, 2017

My results in 3 months have been wonderful! Dr. Bartlett did a great job to fulfill what I wanted done. I look forward to telling my experience to all my friends.

October 29, 2016

I am very happy with my breast augmentation results! Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable. I made the right decision coming to Dr. Bartlett for my breast, and will be recommending all my friends and family.

October 27, 2016

On April 17, 2009, Dr. Bartlett changed my life! After years of relying on Victoria’s Secret to improve my bust (which I thought looked fine) my husband and I discussed breast augmentation. We made an appointment with Dr. Bartlett; he was very good. I was apprehensive about getting a procedure and rather embarrassed. He made sure I understood every aspect of augmentation and assured me that there was nothing embarrassing about wanting to improve myself. I left his office that day excited and raring to go. We went to McKinney and had the procedure performed. It was painful, but what operation isn’t? Now that everything is completed I have a bust line I can be proud of and added benefits: My self-esteem has gone through the roof. I have been much more motivated to exercise and take care of myself, and the intimacy of my marriage has improved. I am very glad to be able to be one of Dr. Bartlett’s patients.


I had a breast augmentation in Dec. 2008. My breasts were small and saggy from breastfeeding my first child. I came to Dr. Bartlett and kinda laughed while I told him “I know you’re putting an implant inside of me, something foreign to my body, but please make them look as real as possible.” I am very happy with the size and shape of my saline implants. I went from a small B to a full C / small D. They look great! Especially in a bathing suit! Thanks Dr. Bartlett!!!


I´m so impressed! There is something remarkable and unique about the liposuction. After struggling with every crazy diet out there, nothing worked. That all changed the day I decided to have the procedure done in three and a half hours. It´s hard to believe, but my life literally changed overnight. I´m a whole new and exciting person. It´s proven to have dramatic results. I would highly recommend this procedure. It works, and it´s so effective in reducing that stubborn fat that you are not able to get rid of with diets or exercise. Trust me. I have tried everything the market has to offer. Liposuction does WORK. I lost pounds and inches in just one week. It was so easy and painless. I feel GOOD. Belly and thigh free. Thanks Dr. Bartlett for a job well done. You´re a lifesaver!


I would like to thank Dr. Bartlett and his staff for changing My Life! Dr. Bartlett has a unique talent. He takes great pride in his work and is very precise in all his procedures. Dr. Bartlett and his staff always took the time to explain everything in detail. Everyone was very caring and follow up calls were made to check on my recovery (which was speedy with minimal pain). I’ve always been a very confident person but after my procedures, I’ve been told that no one can stand to be around me because I am so excited about life. That is a good thing I would think. Total Makeover and extremely excited with the results… (so is my husband and he thanks you too). Thank you Dr. Bartlett, I highly recommend you!


I am very pleased with my results as I look very natural and not surgical. Dr. Bartlett took so much time to get it to his and my satisfaction. The staff was great too!


I think it was a good deal. I’m 100% happy with the operation. Dr. Bartlett was very honest.


I was very pleased with my procedure. There was little or no pain. The recovery even surprised me. The doctor and nurses were very kind and patient. I have no regrets. I would suggest this to anyone wanting to better their appearance. You’ll love a brighter more uplifting look. Thank You Dr. Bartlett!