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As aesthetic medicine continues to evolve, we are discovering new alternatives for re-sculpting the body. We are also discovering ways to inhibit the effects of aging on the skin and muscular system.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I offer a full range of procedures to help my patients look and feel better with both non-invasive and surgical procedures. My goal is to encourage change through behavior modification, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle improvement where possible; non-invasive medical procedures when appropriate; and surgical procedures when necessary.

Most of my patients are ordinary hard working people that have a limited amount of discretionary money. I have always tried to be fair and make my surgery affordable. After closing my surgery center and clinic in 2002 I rethought my practice and changed it so that I could lower the overhead and pass those savings on to my patients. Part of the change was to utilize an Electronic Medical Record. I also have learned how to perform most of my procedures using a small amount of oral sedation and local anesthesia. This reduces the patient’s cost of most procedures by at least $1500. I have many testimonials from patients who have had procedures done in this manner and who are very pleased with their surgical experience.

Plastic surgery is not a commodity, like so many sacks of potatoes. A low cost of the procedure if it is not done well is no bargain. Over the years my procedures have changed as new methods were developed. However I have learned over the years that some proposed procedures have significant flaws. Having performed thousands of procedures I have learned to have a healthy level of skepticism when new methods are proposed. I have conducted clinical research in my practice which has influenced how I perform procedures and certainly their outcome.

Having been trained and Board Certified in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery and completing a Hand Surgery Fellowship in addition to my Plastic Surgery Residency has been extremely helpful. I frequently borrow a technique from one specialty and use it in performing a case in one of the other specialties.

I hope you will find the information on this website helpful. Please call to arrange an initial consultation.