Eyelid Surgery

I think the blepharoplasty surgical procedure has generally become more conservative. I think the brow and the eyelid need to be looked upon as one unit from a surgical stand point. Raising a low brow will help correct problems with loose upper eyelid skin.

It has been said that 80 plus percent of post-operative complications occur in lower lid surgeries. We have found that these immediate and long-term problems can be significantly decreased if no incisions are made in the lower lid’s muscle.

My vertical face-lift removes many of the preoperative findings that in the past would have required eyelid surgery. In the past, nearly every patient who had a facelift would have some sort of eyelid surgery. This has dropped to 1 in 20 because the vertical face lift is so effective in correcting cosmetic problems about the orbital area.


“I am very pleased with my results as I look very natural and not surgical. Dr. Bartlett took so much time to get it to his and my satisfaction. The staff was great too!”