In my first training as an Otolaryngologist I had concerns about sharing the patient’s airway with the anesthesia personnel. I took 6 months of anesthesia electives (as a senior medical school student, intern, and general surgical resident).


During the many years since medical school graduation I have had 4 patients who had cardiac arrests from anesthesia mishaps and 2 of those died. I have had many near misses such as aspirations on induction of the anesthesia and severe arrhythmias and so on.

Over the years I have developed techniques that allow me to offer most procedures with local anesthesia. This should not be confused with conscious sedation. I think in most cases conscious sedation is unconscious sedation. This state is created with drugs that are respiratory depressants and when many of these drugs are broken down their secondary chemical forms are active for 72 hours.

Deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary emboli is associated with general anesthesia, not local anesthesia. Nearly all of the patients on my web site were done comfortably and safely with local anesthesia.

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